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Frozen Goods Transport

At PMA Transport, as a reputable temperature controlled courier company, we set the standard of providing quality frozen goods transport services in the industry. With really flexible wide range of bespoke frozen goods courier services, where we guarantee the fastest, secure and reliable transit times, it makes us one of the best specialist courier companies in the UK.

Along with our common delivery variants of time-critical, same day and overnight delivery variants, we offer road and air freight services that spans to European and worldwide destinations. Time in a process of transporting frozen goods is a crucial factor, therefore we developed a huge courier network with ability to collect your consignment within 30 minutes from a booking anywhere in the UK.

We wouldn’t run this business without our highly trained couriers, who fully understand the sensitivity of frozen goods consignments. Therefore, they always adhere to maintain exact temperatures during transit and any other process that is involves frozen goods transport.

frozen goods

Our delivery variants 

Time critical delivery

It has been designed to meet your time critical needs, to ensure you can count on us every time. Our dedicated couriers stand at the forefront of every customers requirement to make it happen no matter how challenging it is.

Same day delivery

Same day is what we do on the daily basis ensuring every consignment is collected/delivered always at desired date and time. We have large network of couriers that allows us to make deliveries anywhere in the UK.

Overnight Delivery

If you need your consignment to be delivered next day in the morning. Overnight service is right for you. Our courier will collect your goods whenever is suitable for you and deliver it to the destination next day at desired time.

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