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Pallet Delivery Service

Pallet delivery is an essential service in these days for all businesses. Having right courier firm in place that will deliver your products safe and on time to your customer is a key process to a successful transaction. You will not only buildup a brand, also confidence that your customers can get your products whenever it will be necessary.

A quality you can trust

Thanks to our experienced group of experts and solid fleet we created a company that is currently one the leading ones in the UK. Employing the latest communication technology, up to date fleet tracking and many more it makes us better from others.

The importance of being flexible

At PMA Transport, we consider our availability as the biggest asset, as we know that pallet delivery is demanding service which must be carried out according to desired time schedule. Our excellent pallet delivery service guarantee:

  • Same day collection
  • Time slot selection
  • Availability and support 24/7 anywhere in the UK
  • Fully insured solutions
  • High-tech proof of delivery
  • Live traffic updates from A to B

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Our pallet delivery service in UK

Our delivery variants 

Time critical delivery

It has been designed to meet your time critical needs, to ensure you can count on us every time. Our dedicated couriers stand at the forefront of every customers requirement to make it happen no matter how challenging it is.

Same day delivery

Same day is what we do on the daily basis ensuring every consignment is collected/delivered always at desired date and time. We have large network of couriers that allows us to make deliveries anywhere in the UK.

Overnight Delivery

If you need your consignment to be delivered next day in the morning overnight service is right for you. Our courier will collect your goods whenever is suitable for you and deliver it to the destination next day at desired time.


Providing bespoke pallet delivery service is what we do best. Our large fleet of vehicles is crucial to achieve all customer requirements in one trip. We hold a wide selection ranging from a small vans with 2 cubic meters capacity to a large 7.5 tonne lorries. It makes us confident that we can deliver anything regardless the size of the consignment.

SMALL VAN (2 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 1.5 m - WIDTH: 1.2m - HEIGHT: 1.1m

Fits up to 1 pallet. PAYLOAD: 350 KG

SHORT WHEEL BASE (4 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 2 m - WIDTH: 1.6m - HEIGHT: 1.3m

Fits up to 2 pallets. PAYLOAD: 800-1000 KG

MEDIUM WHEEL BASE (10 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 3 m - WIDTH: 1.6m - HEIGHT: 1.7m

Fits up to 3 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1200-1500 KG

LONG WHEEL BASE (14 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 4.2 m - WIDTH: 1.6m - HEIGHT: 1.9m

Fits up to 4 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1200 KG

LUTON (19 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 4 m - WIDTH: 2m - HEIGHT: 2.2 m

Fits up to 6 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1000-1200 KG

7.5 TONNE LORRY (35 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 6 m - WIDTH: 2.4m - HEIGHT: 2.4m

Fits up to 10 pallets. PAYLOAD: 3000 KG

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