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Time Critical Courier

When you are in a hurry and our same day service is not enough choose time critical courier. It gives you the fastest available solution when other carriers cannot handle it. Our experts are always ready to meet your diverse needs and they will prove you that your deadline can be easy to achieve.


To ensure the collection will take place ASAP we always send the nearest time critical courier in the area. It normally takes 30 minutes (sometimes even a couple of minutes) for a driver to arrive. Once goods are on board our courier goes directly to the desired destination to make sure the consignment will arrive on time.


In order to provide a maximum security of our staff has been specially trained. Which means you don’t need to worry that your confidential consignment will be damaged or passed to the wrong hands. On special request our couriers can verify a receiver details before releasing the consignment.

Dedication and support

At PMA Transport we build up our brand by achieving critical objectives of our customers. To ensure that your urgent deliveries get to their destination and on time too, we have a staff delegated with the responsibility of monitoring the vehicle’s movement from the time of loading to the time the goods reach the final destination and get delivered. Therefore you can just get back to your daily tasks.

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Available wide range of vehicles to suit your delivery needs


Delegated person will take care of your delivery progress


Trained courier will ensure your consignment remains confidential